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roadside are a 5 piece band from Plymouth ,Devon. They're music is described as being vibrant bringing their own melodic anthems in a way that is both entertaining and energetic. roadside have recently been exploring new venues in towns and cities across the south west due to they're ever expanding following through social media and demand for more material. roadside until 2012 were happy simply making music and doing the occasional gig to mainly friends but after releasing single 'Give It Up' in aid of charity they were overwhelmed by the reaction of anyone who heard it and decided to put more into getting themselves heard by a larger audience . At the end of 2013 roadside recorded the next single 'Disarm' along with a live version of 'Take Me Under'and are looking to release these soon awaiting completion of a video. roadside are compiling material all the time and are looking at 2014 to be the year to release as much as possible whilst recording they're first album which they are booked to start in July . In the meantime roadside have a channel on YouTube under the name of 'roadsidetunes' which along with the videofor 'Give It Up' and also a video that they recorded of the live studio version 'Take Me Under' they have started roadside tv which is short clips of the adventures of 2014 showing what the guys are doing.

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