New Album Coming Soon

"I don't know what it is, but..."

Roadside Album

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"If a click of a finger would end a war"

New Single "Disarm"

Available to download 3rd September 2016

Disarm Single

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"Are we justified or just to blind to see"

Official Video For The New Single "Disarm"

"I know what you give up for me in silence"

Our Next Gig

Our Next Gig
"Don't put your dirty hands all over me"


roadside are a 5 piece Indie band from Plymouth, Devon

Sam Davey (vocals), Colin Dower (lead guitar/backing vocals), Ross McKenzie (rhythm guitar/keyboards), Steve Moore (bass guitar), Jamie Alger (drums)

Formed in 2008

Initially started as a song writing project then pressured into organising a gig by friends and family which was received very well and decided to raise profile

Recorded 4 live tracks and used as a demo

By 2010 was invited to play as support to The Wonder Stuff and to appear in large local festivals Ivylive and Volksfest

By 2012 was locally established and decided to venture to national circuit and recorded first single together for official release

The single "Give It Up" was done as a project to raise money for charity also and it was coincided with a video. The single gained lots of national airplay and a recognition from BBC unsigned which in turn resulted in extensive gigging

In 2014 a change of direction and it was decided to have a break from gigging to be creative and to get a lot more material together to go for a similar push but to have extra material at hand to follow up with

Single "Disarm" release date is confirmed as 3rd September 2016

Launch will coincide with gig in home town of Plymouths city centre on 2nd September with the video being showcased on the big screen situated there

Album - although finished - the release date is yet to be confirmed & will probably be the end of 2016 to the beginning of 2017 followed by national touring

Videos in production for further single releases, one in animation and another using 360 degree technology

Sam Vocals
Colin Guitar Vocals
Ross Guitar Keyboard
Steve Bass
Jamie Drums