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"You know the sun don't shine on a clouded mind"


Hi and thanks for visiting our website.

roadside are a five piece band from Plymouth in Devon dedicated to writing, recording and performing gigs for their own unmistakeable brand of Indie music. Touring venues everywhere and loving every minute of it.

Formed in 2008 the lads got together after being introduced to Sam Davey who is a talented singer and songwriter. Slowly but surely they started to put together their first set. Colin Dower (lead guitar player & backing vocalist) says, "We wanted to start by just jamming, not knowing what was going to happen, but soon realised that Sam and I just clicked and we just started writing, and it was working". They were working so well that they soon put together the rest of the band with Duncan Leitch (rhythm guitar), Steve Moore (bass guitar) and Jamie 'Sticks' Alger all joining at the end of the year. Sam continues, "We had a few songs and some ideas, and it didn’t take long to get those first few songs together, so we thought we would organise a gig and try them out".

The first gig in October 2008 saw roadside perform to a small crowd at a Plymouth live music venue called 'The Hippo', after blagging a gig through local promoter Ray Rose. Ray saw the potential in the band and promptly asked them to support Indie pop legends 'The Wonder Stuff' a few weeks later. The band transformed and gigs started coming regularly after that and word soon got around Plymouth that there was an exciting new band on the scene and the band went from strength to strength.

roadside performed some exciting gigs over the next couple of years including local festivals 'Ivylive' and 'Volksfest', as well as 'Run to the Sun' in Newquay, gaining support everywhere they went. Later, as Jamie says, "We just got a bit bored of playing the same few songs over and over again, and we all missed the creativity of when we first started and getting the songs together. So we decided that we would gig less and take good breaks between blocks of gigs to keep the set fresh with new songs and ideas; plus we also wanted to try some recording".

The first recording was their EP simply entitled 'Live' - four songs recorded at a Plymouth venue. This was to be the first time roadside had heard themselves on CD. "We thought it was good", says Steve, "It was a live mix straight out of the mixing desk, with a little bit of tidying up by our good mate and producer Ross Mackenzie". The 'Live' recording gave roadside a taste for recording their songs and so it was only a matter of time before they were in the studio, re-recording one of the tracks from the 'Live' CD called 'Give it Up'.

"Duncan thought it would be good for us to release a charity single and we all agreed. He wanted to do a charity bike ride from London to Paris and thought it would be a good way to raise a bit of extra money and awareness for his ride", said Sam. roadside took to April Media Studios under the watchful eye of producer John Carter, owner and founder of the studio. They recorded the single over a 3 day period, including mastering, and the promotion for the single started. The band promoted the single all over the UK, with independent radio stations the length and breadth of the country playing it - from Radio Wythenshawe in Manchester to Radio Sherburne on the south coast, reaching number 1 in their 2012 chart for unsigned bands. Radio stations across Europe and America picked up on the single as well. roadside's following broadened, even featuring on BBC Radio Introducing, with Radio One DJ Huw Stephens taking an interest in roadside as well. 2012 saw the band touring the single, back on the road, playing gigs all over the UK and showcasing in London in September. In tandem with the music release, the band recorded their first music video, with Andy Haigh from CAW productions in the Director's Chair. "The video shoot was a funny day” recalls Colin, "everyone who was in the video was right up for it, we caught the fun of the day on the video I think, everyone comments on their favourite part". You can check out the video for 'Give it Up' on our videos web page.

Due to the commitment needed and wanting to continue his fundraising, Duncan decided to call it a day, and left roadside in October 2012. Although leaving on good terms, it left the band with gigs booked in November and without a rhythm guitarist. Sam says, "We needed someone quick", and Duncan suggested Ross Mackenzie, who as well as producing ours and other bands music, was also a renowned guitar player and friend of the lads. "It seemed a natural fit", Ross continues, “I jumped at the chance to join, until I realised that I had a full set of seventeen songs to learn and only three weeks until our next gig!". Ross mastered the set in time and they had a great gig.

roadside in 2016

We have been saying all year that our album is almost ready and now we can announce that it is completely finished with production and mastered, ready to go. We didn't realise the amount of time and the sheer mountain of promo work that needs to go with it. To put it into perspective a signed artist/act will have the financial backing and a team doing all of the promotion for them and it could still take up to a year from first stepping into the studio. We have had to do everything on our own, literally just the five of us have taken on all sorts of projects which have been outside our comfort zones but it has been and still is an on-going adventure which we are hoping will help to get the album out to people who would otherwise have overlooked it. That being said if you are reading this please take a look at the videos we have on our YouTube channel and join us on social media - all links are on the bottom of the home web page and please share as much as you can.

We are looking at releasing 3 videos to accompany the album, the first one we have practically completed, we did with students from the City College of Plymouth. This is for the track 'Look At Me' which was the students choice of tracks and they created all of the storyboard and ideas themselves, we had a meeting with them where they explained their idea, we thought it sounded like fun and went along with it. As you will see it involved a lot of costume changes! And we volunteered to obtain all of this which was hilarious in itself. We spent 2 days filming at various locations and even though quite exhausting we couldn't help but enjoy ourselves and think this will come through in the main result. The end result of the 2 days and a week of editing the students had enough to enter it for their media course but there were a few good ideas they had but didn't have time to do. Ross, our master of animation is currently adding the ideas in a different way and that will be ready for us to release. Another video in the making is going to be mostly animated for the track 'The Great Unknown'. This is also a work in progress which Ross is working on. The last, but by no means least, is going to be for our first single off of the album 'Disarm'. This is probably our biggest project to date and we are working together with Chatterbox Productions to bring what we believe is going to be the music video of the century! That's all we have to say at the moment on this one, watch this space...

We are currently writing and rehearsing new material to integrate with the tracks off of the album to tour once the album is released, this also includes a few acoustic/unplugged tracks. We have chopped and changed a few tunes we wrote a long time ago and have since gone off our radar. We have blown off the cobwebs and brought them back to life in a new way to add a different touch to our set. We have also been looking at other ways we could change our live set into becoming more of a show and we are hoping to add lots of visuals to increase the whole live experience. Along with the discovery and re-creation of the acoustic tracks we are looking at ways we can get the best sound in our practice room to be able to record live sessions and possibly release them as we go along as well.

ROADSIDE TV is still being recorded and parts of our journey are being put alongside the mountain of animation Ross is going through and the long awaited part 6 will be coming soon.

The release date of the album is still to be confirmed but we will be announcing via social media once the videos are complete and media promo is in place as well as the album tour all set up.

We'll be seeing you all very soon, so please keep sharing.

Sam Vocals
Colin Guitar Vocals
Ross Guitar Keyboard
Steve Bass
Jamie Drums